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Player Information
Name: Junebug
Age: 34
Contact: [ profile] lovebakery
Current characters: n/a

Character Information
Name: Osomatsu Matsuno
Series: Osomatsu-san
Appearance: 1 2 3
Age: canon states several times he is in his twenties. i'm going with 22.
Canon Point: post series
Canon History: Osomatsu-kun || Osomatsu-san || Osomatsu-san episode guide || Osomatsu Matsuno
Personality: Osomatsu is a loser, plain and simple. Even his name means "lousy." On official merchandise/videos, he's labelled as an idiot. He does not pay too much attention to his surroundings, so he gives off a very carefree attitude. Most of the time, he's as clueless as they come, whether he completely misses a point, or whether he spouts off an insult without meaning to (see: innocently insensitive), and he's pretty much okay with living like that.

Above everything else, Osomatsu wants to enjoy life and have a good time. He loves to joke around, even in serious situations. He's the type of person who wears a big dumb smile and may laugh during a disaster. This doesn't necessarily mean he is mean-spirited. It just means he can find something humorous about any circumstance. He doesn't think before he acts or says something. He just does it, especially if it means that he can have fun in the end.

One of the main points in the series is that the Matsuno siblings are adults who have never worked. They live at home and receive an allowance from their parents. In a couple episodes, the third-oldest sibling, and the closest to Osomatsu, Choromatsu, brings up getting a job. And Osomatsu tells him that things are fine the way they are. He really likes his life, and loves his brothers. Obviously, he wants a girlfriend, but I think he would be content to just live off his parents with his brothers for the rest of his life.

Which brings me to the negative aspects of Osomatsu. There are a lot of them. He is an incredibly flawed character. While it can be said that he is usually a happy-go-lucky person, if he gets mad, or things do not go his way, he will become vicious. Osomatsu is a sore loser, so he jumps into verbal fights with insults that hit below the belt. When their parents decide to get a divorce, the Matsuno sons each vie to win over their mother so that she might take them with her when she goes (because the parents would split up the sons). Osomatsu throws himself on the floor and rolls around, yelling about how he wants to be spoiled by his mother still.

Aside from the possible gambling and alcohol addictions, he's simply not a nice person. When he was a kid, he played pranks on everyone, and got his brothers to do the same thing (there was a sort of hive-mind thing going on here). This seems typical for a young boy, so perhaps he was forgiven for that. But, as Osomatsu grew older, he... didn't grow up. He still plays pranks on people, still wants to get into fights, and still attempts to manipulate those around him into getting what he wants. He's a leader, but uses his leadership skills for all the wrong reasons. When his brothers got so sick that they couldn't move from bed, Osomatsu took money from their stashes and said he would use it to buy them food/medicine. He spent all their money on gambling. Stealing seems to be one of his biggest offences, if you also take the game Hesokuri Wars into account; in that game, Osomatsu rallies his brothers together and gets them to steal money from everyone else.

He is also useless around girls, just like most of his other brothers. Despite the easygoing personality, Osomatsu has absolutely no clue about how dating works. There have been several instances in the anime, and in other merchandise (mainly dramas) that clue us in to how he views women or sex in general... It's not good. He thinks going to a mixer means that it is okay to start making out right away, or that just picking up girls means that he can "push her right down onto the floor the first time you meet her." Even the sight of his brother in drag causes Osomatsu to lose his mind. Once when the popularity of his show was being discussed, Osomatsu suggested that there be an orgy, presumably with his brothers and his fans. I don't think this means he devalues women, because there are other episodes where he places them on a high pedestal. He's just a mess, and most of his experiences with women comes from manga or porn watching.

Nevertheless, there are certain things that make Osomatsu reliable as a person, and as a big brother. He knows when to admit he's wrong and apologize, and he's very good at manipulating the situation to suit his needs. He has the makings of being a good leader, since he's been known to rally his brothers together. Osomatsu is not an evil person, he just has questionable morals. In episode 19, each of the brothers' self-consciousnesses are shown as a sphere. Osomatsu's jiishiki (self-consciousness) is small enough for him to carry around and it is dented. This means he is not out to impress anyone, and he doesn't care about how other people ultimately view him. He has a lot of growing up to do, but he makes the best out of bad situations by being himself. He never tries to be anyone else.

Abilities: Osomatsu is your average Joe Human. He has no super powers, but he does seem to have a few things he is good at. One of those things is leadership. For some reason, this loser is able to get his brothers to do things, whether it's through a half-assed speech, or blackmail, which he is not above doing. He's also extremely lazy, so if he can talk someone else into doing the footwork for him, more power to him.

When women or money is added into the equation, Osomatsu's motivation is increased. He is a man that will do anything for a buck, or for a hug, as was seen in the Rental Girlfriends episode. One skit even has him actually getting a job so that he may be more appealing to his childhood friend, Totoko.

I also previously mentioned that he threw a tantrum in the one episode where his parents decided to divorce. That tantrum won over his mother, and she agreed to claim Osomatsu as one of her dependents because she liked that he was "a little needy." ...I suppose that is a skill.

He also really gets his family. He knows what to say when his brothers are upset. In the tenth episode, there is a scene where Osomatsu and Karamatsu are fishing, but Karamatsu is worried about being "painful" (in the series, the word "painful" is used to describe Karamatsu, who is painfully embarrassing). Osomatsu tells Karamatsu that he just needs to be himself, and everyone else needs to get used to his painfulness. He is a pretty good older brother, when he wants to be. He is supportive of Jyushimatsu when he gets a girlfriend, even going as far as not telling Jyushimatsu when he discovered the girl was in an AV.

Lastly, Osomatsu is almost always in a good mood. He can take heavy situations and make jokes out of the circumstances. How this will help him out on an island, we don't really know.

(One more thing I should probably mention is fourth-walling, which will absolutely be toned down, if need be. He seems to be aware that he is an anime character, and will now and again make comments about his show. Again, I don't plan on this being a huge deal with him, because he can function without saying things like that, but I thought I should at least add it to his list of abilities.)

Inventory: just the clothes on his back (a light grey long-sleeved shirt with the matsu symbol on it, a red jumpsuit, blue tennis shoes, white socks and red matsu-symbol boxers), his wallet with a few bank notes in it, and a horse racing ticket


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