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☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: He's a pretty average-looking young Japanese man. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and his eyes are brown (with red highlights, perhaps). He doesn't have any scars, or blemishes, and his skin is light. He also shares his face with his brothers. As for his body, Osomatsu doesn't work out or eat healthily, but he has a fast metabolism. Any extra weight he carries is in his stomach/hips. There is probably minimal hair on his body, as well.
♚ FASHION: He arrived wearing a red jumpsuit that is tied at the waist for pants, and a thin light grey sweatshirt. The shoes are simple slip-ons, blue-grey, and there are socks.
♚ DEMEANOUR: Friendly and cheerful, with a hint of desperation. Osomatsu wants to make friends with you! He's not incredibly outgoing, unless motivated. Upon getting to know him, you'll realize he's pretty lazy and whiny.
♚ SOUND: Seiyuu is Sakurai Takahiro. kind of his image song but he doesn't really sing, just talks more. The seiyuu CAN sing, but maybe Osomatsu can't. have some laughs and also he yells a lot?
♚ SCENT: he's pretty clean, but he smells kind of... old? He's been living in an old Japanese house, with his parents, and five other grown men.


♚ BACKTAGGING: i am definitely opened for backtagging!
♚ FOURTHWALLING: Osomatsu is definitely a fourth-waller! HOWEVER, there will be none of that in trustfell.
♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Osomatsu is starved for physical affection. He loves touching, poking, hugging, holding hands... probably kissing? but he's never kissed anyone before.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Osomatsu will fight if you want to fight! he's pretty weak, though, arguably the weakest of all his brothers.
♚ SHIPPING: i am here for shipping! if you want to get into a relationship with Osomatsu, i'm ready, he's ready. but why would you.

☄ Inventory

♚ 022. HUNDRED-YEAR POTPOURRI: An item made with a matured mix of flowers, herbs and rinds, which you can enjoy the fragrance of. It’s been filled up with 100 years of fragrance-enjoying thoughts.
♚ 055. HALF SAFETY BOOTS: Half-shoes that only cover your toes. Like safety boots, though, there’s an iron plate on the front of them.
♚ 020. JAPANESE TEA CUP: A Japanese tea cup from the Royal Wood luxury brand. It’s said that when you use this tableware, even ordinary water feels sweet.
♚ 038. ROLLER SLIPPERS: Slippers with wheels in the heels. They were invented so that one could move around comfortably in their own home, even though nobody ever asked for such a thing.
♚ 071. TORCAT DRAWERS: New pant-style undergarments from the gothic lolita fashion brand “Wonder Dungeon”.
♚ 006. GREEN MASCOT COSTUME: A costume that makes one want to challenge various things just by wearing it. Looks like a dinosaur.
♚ ???. DIAMOND FRAGMENT: A beautiful, tiny fragment of something... What could it be?
♚ 049. RAMUNE: A sweet, lemon-flavored carbonated drink. The name comes from the word 'lemonade’ - It’s known for how the bottle is corked with a marble. If you take the bottle back to the Ramune shop, it can be re-used.
♚ 085. SMALL BOTTLE: A gift from the Transmitter. A small, dark-colored bottle with a liquid of some sort inside. The label on the bottle has only one word on it: Tetrodoxotin. TRADED TO WHEATLEY
♚ 078. COCONUT WATER: Water that collected inside of a coconut. It’s clear as water and refreshingly sweet.
♚ ???. CRYSTAL FIGURINE: Made with expert craftsmanship, this horse is shaped from real crystal. Balancing on its hind legs, it looks like it could come to life and gallop across a table. Be careful, it's fragile! GIFTED TO RIN
♚ ???. CERBERUS: A plush Doberman of acceptable hugging size. It's got a zipper attached to its chest that runs up under its neck, over its nose and head, and ends at about its shoulderblades. You can unzip its face to reveal a mass of adorable plush tentacles, full of adorable plush teeth!
♚ 037. RED SCARF: A scarf worn by a masked hero. It’s pretty scraggly since it’s been through a lot of fights.
♚ 027. $50: A gift from Gant. Chief of Police Gant will lend anyone $50.
♚ 031. ENDLESS DANDELION: A toy dandelion. It’s fun to blo~w the seeds away. The flying seeds have a thin thread still connecting them, so you can wind them back up and have as much fun as you want.
♚ 042. PORTABLE GAMING SYSTEM: A portable gaming system that’s a huge hit. It also includes a music player and a movie playback system. TRADED FROM WHEATLEY


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